We are happy to announce that Dr. Celakoski’s dental practice has recently been equipped with a Sirona Galileos 3D computer tomograph, the ultimate CBCT device designed to improve everyday dental practice. The powerful technology and new way of experiencing x-ray diagnostics enabled by this device accelerates the continuous process of reaching the gold standards of world dentistry, from general dental interventions to the most complex implantological procedures.

With the large volume of 15 cm in diameter, it not only depicts the entire jaw, joints, but also all important anatomical structures of the craniofacial region (craniofacial sinuses, nerves, etc.). The excellent image in 3D volume and the incorporated programs for 3D implant planning and surgical procedures (SICAT Software), very complex procedures, from complicated endodontic treatments to the removal of dentofacial cysts, raising the floor of maxillary sinuses, implantological procedures accompanied by vertical and horizontal augmentation of bone tissue, makes them less risky and predictable!

In this way, we can give our patients the best advice about their dental condition at any time, and all procedures can then be completely analyzed and planned in advance, removing any possibility of complications.

Schedule examinations and 3D x-ray imaging from today, which gives you a unique opportunity for top diagnostics of your dental status and the most up-to-date solution to your problem!