We are proud to present our center for complete x-ray diagnostics, where you will find the most modern equipment for your x-ray examination. Our cutting-edge technology includes 3D panoramic imaging, which provides you with detailed images of your teeth and angles. With our advanced equipment, we can perform a detailed analysis of the condition of your teeth and make an accurate diagnosis of your oral health.

In addition, our offer also includes a digital intraoral x-ray device, which allows us to record specific parts of your oral cavity with great precision and speed. This advanced appliance helps us identify problems with your teeth at an early stage, which provides you with the opportunity for preventive measures and early intervention.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of health care. Each examination is performed with care and attention to your needs and their specificities. Trust us for your next x-ray examination and ensure the best for your oral health.