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Dr. Celakoski

Established in 2001, we have evolved from a modest practice on the outskirts of Ohrid into a leading dental center. Our commitment to modern dentistry, through ongoing education and the use of the latest materials and technologies, has allowed us to offer comprehensive oral health services and build a strong reputation in the community.
Естетска Стоматологија - Cosmetic dentistry

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Општа Стоматологија

Innovative Technology

Белење и Чистење Заби - Teeth Whitening

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True Choice

For Family Dentistry

Thanks to the long-term trust of our patients, we have gained a reputation as the right choice for family dentistry. We care for our patients like family members. Our professional team, as well as our pleasantly equipped practice, will capture a feeling of warmth, friendliness and understanding.
Protection of the oral cavity 95%
Diseases of the palate 90%
Orthodontics 85%

With Dr. Zoran Celakoski

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Our Mission

Satisfied Patients

Our mission is to keep you as satisfied patients, whose oral health will be taken care of for a lifetime, knowing that your trust will never be betrayed. Our priority is to make you happy and satisfied, from our reception and from the services with which we will take care of your oral health. And most of all, from your look in the mirror with your new and shining smile, with which we have exceeded even your expectations about how much a smile can change your life.
We strive to fulfill all the conditions of a dental office where you will find a complete solution for your dental concerns or wishes, where you will feel comfortable as if you were at home, surrounded by staff who will listen to you with special attention and take care of you.
All this with the hope that, if you don't choose us, we will remain your choice for life.

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